Tuesday 9 October 2012

Hexagon Wrap Up

Supercrawl is long gone now - and what a whirlwind of activity! We successfully installed our piece, Modular Beauty, and we were so thrilled with the results! We can't possibly say that without a big huge THANK YOU to all those who contributed hexagons to the project, and all the small businesses and institutions that acted as drop-off locations for us and the community.  The Bees are eternally grateful, and we really do think that it was that much more special being a combined, concentrated craft effort.

And silly us, we didn't take one really good, high quality shot of the thing. If you have any to send our way for our records, we'd really love you for it!

We were a little ambitious in our plans - hoping to cover at least six or seven buildings initally. Once we got to installing,  we ended up sticking to one block for more visual impact - in between Vine Street and Cannon on James Street North. Dave from Mixed Media was so pleased with the piece that he asked if he could keep the hexagons up on his building indefinitely! So if you missed Supercrawl, head down to the corner of James and Cannon and check out the remnants of our piece there. They really brighten up the street-scape!

So, what's on the Beehive's plate now that this giant project is done? We're hoping to leisurely envelope ourselves in the slow craft movement, and take it a little bit easy for a while. We formed as a group almost two years ago because of a mutual love for crafting, but we've hardly had any time at all to simply craft together because of all of our endeavours that we taken on since we started. Don't get us wrong, we love the craft fairs, and the workshops and public art installations that we've been a part of, but we're hoping to just hang out as Bees and eat cheese and stitch and knit and maybe have a glass wine while we're at it. We're so grateful for each other, and for the support from the craft community for our work, and you can bet that our hands won't ever be idle for too long. Thanks Hamilton!

(Last two photos via Best of Hamilton)

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  1. I took photos and you can see them here: http://dayindayout10.blogspot.ca/2012/09/modular-beauty-supercrawl-2012.html