Thursday 13 September 2012

Super Everything!

It's almost here - Supercrawl! The 'Hive has been busy stitching hexagons, and collecting them from the drop-off points across Hamilton and Toronto. Last night was installation time, and the completed hexagon panels went up on the stretch of the street between 148 and 154 James North to form Modular Beauty.

So much teamwork! With the help of delicious cranberry-lemon-coconut squares and pear juice from the Mulberry, the Bees got the work installed in five hours. And speaking of teamwork, thanks so much to everyone who helped out with this huge project. Now you can come down to Supercrawl, and spot your own pieced hexagons in the mix.

There are so many great installations and artworks to be found at Supercrawl, as usual. Above is an in-progress shot of Matt Walker's Sound Cannon. As you can see, artists work at all hours to finish their work for shows, and also, this piece is gigantic! Matt's Sound Cannon will play atmospheric recordings from the Beverly Swamp, reminding us of what was audible before the city was so build up.

John Haney and Carey Jernigan are installing a piece called Ghost Barn, a frosted glass sculpture that runs on solar power.

And now for more of what is near and dear to the heart of the Beehive, textile art! Above you can see Alison Thompson's installation Witch House in the window of Needlework.

Toronto's own Hyperbolic Crochet Coral reef is residing in the window at White Elephant. I love this : yarn + colour + math = happiness over here!

Svava Thordis Juliusson is installing her work on the side of 118 James North, where the Hamilton CBC office is located. I can't wait to see this other large scale fibre installation!
and there is so, so much more to discuss I haven't even gotten to the music, or to the food! so much good food, including Sweet Ice and Reardon's Meats. I sure miss Reardon's downtown shop, but it is great to still have access to their delicious products once in a while.

P.S. Art Crawl always has a collection point for local food banks, and for Supercrawl it is located at the CBC building, 118 James North. Lets make this a SuperCollection!

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