Wednesday 8 August 2012

Hexagon Due Date!

We're having flashbacks to last year around this time when it was a mad dash to knit knit knit as many scarves as we could for Knit Night on the Brain. Luckily, paper piecing is a much more enjoyable craft to work on in the summer compared to knitting with all that heavy wool.

But it IS getting down to crunch time. And so we're asking all of our lovely friends, family and Beehive enthusiasts who are helping out with our Modular Beauty project to finish up and hand in their completed hexagons so that we can start assembling for installation. We've been trying to gauge where we are at, and we think that with all of your help, we've done a pretty darn good job and that we're going to be able to make a real statement with our fibre intervention on the street at Supercrawl.

We've extended the deadline for drop off to Friday August 31st 2012. If you're helping us out (and we love you so much for it) we're hoping you'll be able to drop off your completed pieces by then.

If you need a reminder as to where you can drop off the hexagons, any of the following locations listed below will happily take them off of your hands:

White Elephant – 133 James St. North
Needlework – 174 James St. North
The Ship – 23 Augusta St.
The Hamilton Public Library:

Central Branch – 55 York Blvd.
Terryberry Branch – 100 Mohawk Rd. W.
Sherwood Branch - 467 Upper Ottawa St.
Citizen Kid – 188 Locke St. S.
Cake and Loaf – 321 Dundurn St. S.
The Baltimore House – 43 King William St.
Detour Coffee – 41B King St. W, Dundas
Downtown Bike Hounds - 19 John Street North
The Cannon - 179 Ottawa St N

Kid Icarus – 75 Nassau St.
Russet & Empire – 390 Keele St.
The Arthur - 550 College St.  
The Workroom - 1340 Queen St. W

And we promise, we've been up to other fun and exciting non-hexagon related things that we'll fill you in on shortly. Magazine write-ups! Crafting with Etsy! Adventures in fermenting! All these things and more. But right now, it's stitch stitch stitch.

Thanks, friends!!!

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