Friday 17 August 2012

Etsy + The Beehive

At the beginning of July we had the opportunity to collaborate with Etsy and host a night of crafting in Hamilton. We were really humbled when Nada, the local Etsy rep (seen in the fifth picture), approached us with this idea, since many of the Bees got their start on Etsy selling wares and handmade goods. This opportunity presented a great way to accomplish a number of things that were important to both Etsy and to the Beehive - to provide an atmosphere for crafters to meet each other, to spend time actually making something together, and to get a jump start on our Supercrawl hexagon project (if you've been making them, you know this is a big undertaking!)
We posted about it on Facebook, the blog and Eventbrite, but weren't sure how many people would attend - and we were absolutely blown away by the response! Seriously... a whole bunch of people came out! We met all kinds of amazing people that night, and had the privilege of sharing the Beehive story about how we came to be and about what we envisioned for the hexagon project.
All in all, we had a really great night and are so thankful to Etsy (and specifically Nada) for all the effort put into this event, and to Low Key Studios for take photos and for hosting - such a great space! Want to see more pictures? They're all on the Etsy Flickr page here. Hexagon-making is still in full swing, and we are so excited about all the people who have been stitching away - again, this project is seriously big and judging by the pieces that have already been dropped off, it's going to look awesome! Hexagon pieces are due by August 31st, and you can find out more about where to get supplies and where to drop off finished hexagons here!
There was a photo booth! And Kieran was there!

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  1. I'm very excited that the deadline has been extended! I've made a few but have been super busy and could not figure out a time to drop them off- glad that I have a few more days to get my lovely (if I do say so myself ) hexagons to you.