Tuesday 2 August 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Viola Fibers

I spoke to Emily Folden of Viola Fibers about her beautiful yarns.  She hand-dyes all of her yarn and fiber in very small batches, achieving lovely variety of shades, bursts of hues and speckles and splotches of colour.  We first became acquainted with Viola Fibers fine work when our very own Bees Courtney and Elizabeth discovered her at Knitter's Frolic.

Thea Haines: Where/when did you become acquainted with your craft?

Emily Folden: I became acquainted with my craft while working in a yarn shop. The best part of this job was helping customers select colours for their projects...colour quickly became an obsession!

T.H.:  Where do you draw creative inspiration from?

Emily:  I draw inspiration from dreams, water, gardens, music.

T.H.:  What is your favourite time of day to work?

Emily: My most productive time to work is the morning. I love getting up early and always get lots don't in the bright quiet of the morning...I also love the coffee!

T.H.:  Describe your 'perfect atmosphere' for crafting...

Emily:  My perfect crafting atmosphere is full of light, good music and pretty things...flowers, paint chips, antique tea cups, fabric and of course lots of yarn!

T.H.:  Tell us about your process.

Emily:  My creative process is rather wild. Creating new colours is the most fun job. I begin. With a dye stock and slowly add bits and bobs of colour until I like what I have in the pot, the more muddy and complicated the better! I love when colours surprise me - even the ones I've dyed a million times before!

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