Tuesday 23 August 2011

Summer Craft Fair

Wow: the only word that captures all of our collective feelings over the incredibly successful and well received Summer Craft Fair that came and went last weekend. Just, wow.

It really was incredible to witness 7 months of planning and preparations unfold into such an enjoyable weekend, with the Old Friendship Shop looking its finest, and the place packed full of amazing and talented artisans. The air was buzzing with excitement on Friday evening, and it was pretty much impossible for anyone to walk into the Old Friendship Shop without a huge smile their face. Really, how could they not?

Katie Walker's screenprinted scarves
Petra Cuschieri's adorable pencil cases (I snagged that dark floral one on the left)!
Katie Muth's greeting cards and prints
Viola Fibers and Sartoria
Pin Pals
Since the fair was our first major event, and none of us had quite planned anything like it before, it was definitely a learning curve for us all. Overall the whole experience, from the application process, to getting the keys to the Friendship Shop, to meeting our vendors, was wonderful. The Summer Craft Fair was totally exceeded our expectations, and we can't wait to do it again.

Although we thanked all of our friends and family in our last blog post for their generous love and support, I can't help but echo that sentiment again. So, a huge thank you to DJ Donna Lovejoy for providing hot beats on Friday evening, Amanda McCavour for her beautiful window installation, our countless friends and family, our neighbours, and all those who came by to say hello, and support our vendors.

And of course, a truly special thank you to all of our incredible vendors: our fair wouldn't have been as magical without your many talents. From all of us Bees: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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