Thursday 9 January 2014

It Takes a Village

Aways back we presented on forming a craft collective at a symposium, and it made us think more closely about the value of being part of a group like the Beehive.  Faced recently with a craft conundrum, I  sent out smoke signals to the Bees and they responded in full-force.  I was reminded of how lucky I am to have them in my life, ready to lend a hand, brainstorm ideas, and offer feedback that I trust through and through.

The result: a most adorable window installation in one of the heritage vitrines at the Lister Block (28 James Street N), launching tomorrow as part of the January Art Crawl.   The scene is a whimsical wintertime village glowing with colour, warmth and light and nestled in vintage quilts.  Above the paper houses made by the Bees (and friends) are suspended thread "scribbles" by Amanda McCavour, emulating snowflakes falling on the village.

This is all to promote Hamilton Winterfest (February 1-9) a community driven event program coordinated by the City that encourages people to get out, get together, and celebrate the beauty of the wintertime in Hamilton.  Details at

If you happen by the Lister Block, come in from the cold and enjoy our little village!

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