Thursday 14 February 2013

Heart Attacks of the Cute Persuasion

Blam! You've been attacked with love!

This is what Valentine's Day should be all about. Recognizing the people you love, and finding ways to show it to them. Doesn't matter if you're single, dating, married - whatever...I'll bet my bottom dollar you can find at least one person you love! It's just a regular day where we show some extra-ordinary love, and that's okay in my books. Maybe you write a letter. Cook breakfast. Sing a song. Pick out a necklace. Give a compliment. Or maybe it's just an extra long hug. See what I'm getting at here? Anything goes!

Last night we snuck out with scissors, string, and tape and attacked our two favorite shops with homemade Valentine's love. White Elephant and Needlework are both owned by members of the Beehive, and they are both places deserving of so many x's and o's. We wanted to let them know, especially in the midst of all this casino hullabaloo, that their contribution to our local economy is so incredibly appreciated.

White Elephant is a place that makes me feel so proud of Hamilton. Whenever I have friends visiting the city for Art Crawl, Hollie and Jane’s shop is at the top of the list. They’ve crafted a space that is aesthetically beautiful, with a perfect selection of handmade and vintage goodness. Watching their journey has honed in me an understanding of design that is well-made, long-lasting and timeless. A store like White Elephant shows us how to put meaning into the everyday objects we surround ourselves, and search out things that we really love, that could essentially last forever. It’s the perfect place to find a gift, as they literally carry something for everyone. White Elephant is also one of the best examples I’ve seen of a small local business practicing civic engagement. They’re all cute and kittens and crafts, but when shit gets real, they put that aside to promote their real inspiration, the good of our city. Thanks Hollie and Jane, for all you do. It really makes a difference in this city. We love White Elephant! Oh, and you guys are babes!

How fitting that when Needlework opened, they had a giant Valentine in their window! As cheesy as this is going to sound, a lot of people have fallen in love here - with sewing! For real though…I’ve heard so many people proclaim their thankfulness for this shop, as it has provided them the know-how, supplies, environment and encouragement to learn new skills. Needlework has a comforting and welcoming vibe and THE most amazing selection of fabrics. Kate and Liz are full of knowledge, and so quick to help with whatever you might be working on. Every customer is the friendliest person ever, they have a shop dog, they bake cookies…should I go on? It’s the kind of place you just want to hunker down in and spend the day. Thank you, Liz and Kate, for inspiring us. As you continue to come up with amazing new ideas, you are greatly contributing to a culture of creativity in this city, which is something that will take us a long way. We love Needlework!

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Happy Valentines Day!