Tuesday 27 September 2011

Beehive Excursions: The Toronto Garlic Festival

This past weekend, I visited the first annual Toronto Garlic Festival at The Brick Works. Many of us Bees have been very excited about garlic this summer. There was a really good crop of it at the farm, and we've been enjoying it in almost everything we cook. We've also been dreaming about making our own garlic braids. We've learned a fair bit about it, and I think we'll be giving it a try next summer.

Who knew that there were so many varieties of garlic?? The number of types of garlic was almost overwhelming! It seems that "Music" is the most common variety in Ontario. It has large cloves, is quite flavourful, and stores well. We picked up a number of different types, and plan to plant some in our garden this fall.

Mmm, pickled garlic scapes. We discovered garlic scapes this summer and became absolutely obsessed! They are the leafless flowering stem that comes from the plant, which are removed so the plant focuses it's energy on bulb growth. They are so delicious lightly sauteed in some butter and served as a side dish. Or just eaten straight out of the pan. Or you can make a tasty pesto with them.

In addition to the braids and bunches and bags of garlic you could buy, there was also a selection of delicious food containing garlic to eat. Needless to say, we had extreme garlic breath by the end of the day. But it was ok, because so did everyone else.


  1. I was just at my first Garlic Festival at the end of August. There is one in Pender Harbour ( about 2 hours out of Vancouver) - and oh the smell! The garlic, so huge, so little. It was a sight!