Tuesday 28 June 2011

Summer Fair Vendors Announced!

With just over six weeks until our summer fair, it's time for us to announce our lovely group of vendors for this years show. Last month we all gathered for our 'viewing party'- an evening of reviewing applications and eating yummy treats.

We were overjoyed with the number of applications we received, including some from as far away as Montreal and Halifax. The only problem was that they were all so good that it was hard to narrow it down to the number of booths we could fit in our space.

The show will have twenty one amazing vendors, plus a small selection of crafts made by the members of The Beehive. With work ranging from textiles and wood to prints and jewelry, these talented crafters are sure to impress.

Upcycled cashmere under garments from Sartoria.

Aprons and totes by Dear Edna.

Screen printed wood blocks and toys from Fidoodle.

Screen printed bags by Anna Zygowski (left) and tea towels by Bespoke Uprising (right).

Totes, ties, and more from Fieldguided.

Jewelry by Lesley Ashton.

Scarves and bags by Scout & Catalogue.

Cross-stitched jewelry from The Pin Pals.

Prints by Chris Foster (left) and Katie Muth (right).

Hand-dyed yarn by Viola fibers.

There will also be ceramics by Bread and Butter Pottery and jewelry by Melanie Cronyn and Rosalyn Faustino. You will also find textiles by Katie-did, Leikey Designs, and Jenna Rose. As well as Knits by Oak Savannah, pouches and prints by Petra C., and fashion journals by Worn. You can also see the full list of vendors with links to their websites over on our summer fair webpage.

Starting next week we will be featuring some of our vendors here twice a week leading up to the show. So please be sure to check out these features as you are sure to build up as much anticipation and excitement for this event as we have.

Photos courtesy of Hollie and the artists mentioned.


  1. Wow, this looks like it will be amazing!!

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