Wednesday 20 April 2011

Location Location Location

When we started planning the summer fair we knew we wanted its location to be on James Street North. It was not just because we wanted our Friday night opening to be a part of the art crawl, but also because we are so excited about the wonderful restorations that are happening to many of the old storefronts in the area, and we wanted our fair to be a part of it all. Plus, I think the decorations we have planned will look pretty great set against the exposed brick walls and tin ceilings characteristic of many of the old restored shops down here. We were all thrilled when we received confirmation on the location and today I am so excited to announce that the fair will be help at the old Friendship Shop at 118 James Street North.

This building has undergone some major transformations since its new owners purchased it in February 2010. The building had been owned and occupied by a family for the previous 15 years or so, during which time its facade was covered in white aluminum siding.

This is the building today. The facade is just one of its major transformations. It's still under construction, but well on its way, and the floors that are finished are stunning. Hollie did a feature a while back on the architect firms office on the third floor- click here to view this beautiful space.

The craft fair will be held on the first floor, in the vacant storefront shown above. Although currently under construction, this really is our dream space for the event. The store that had previously been in this space was called the Friendship Shop. We all feel a little giddy inside that we get to say our fair will be held at the old friendship shop.

If you are interested in being a vendor at the fair, please remember that the deadline to submit your application is next Saturday, April 30th. Visit our site to get all the application details.

Photos courtesy of Jenna

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